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How it works

Do you own accommodation? 

Use it to stay free worldwide. is exclusively for professional accommodation owners and operators to share their accommodation and stay free worldwide.

  • You are already used to renting your accommodation to normal paying guests.

  • But did you know that there is another way to get value from your accommodation?

  • You can also use it to stay free when it comes time for you to have a holiday.

  • At the same time, you will be part of a worldwide community of accommodation owners.

How does work?

  • You can earn 'SwapNights' when you choose to accept a booking by a fellow member. 

  • You can then redeem your 'SwapNights' to stay free worldwide when and wherever you want to go.

  • You do not have to organise a direct swap with another member. Instead, you use your 'SwapNights' to book stay with a member of your choice, when and wherever you want to go worldwide. Highlights

  • Join Free - It is free to join (no credit card required)

  • List Free - It is free to list your property

  • Earn SwapNights Free - It is free to earn SwapNights when a member stays

  • Stay Free Worldwide - Redeem your SwapNights wherever you want to stay

Small Booking Fee

  • When you book a stay you pay only a small booking fee of US$10 per night.

You Are In Control

  • You decide when to accept SwapNights bookings and earn SwapNights.

  • You choose when and where to redeem your SwapNights worldwide.

Recover Incidentals

  • You can choose to charge an optional incidentals fee, eg: for cleaning and/or linen.

‘Top Up’ SwapNights

  • Fully Verified members can buy ‘Top Up’ SwapNights if they do not have sufficient balance to book a stay. Top Up SwapNights are US$20 to purchase. Learn more

  • When a Guest makes a booking using 'Top Up' SwapNights they also pay the US$10 per-SwapNight booking fee as well.

  • There is a small one-time fee of US$12 to become a Fully Verified Member. Learn more

Who can join

  • SwapNights is a community exclusively for professional owners of accommodation and owners of second/holiday homes. Membership is not open to the general travelling public.

  • Do you qualify? If you own or manage a holiday house, villa, apartment, vacation rental, hotel, resort, retreat, B&B, inn, lodge, glamping, safari camp, eco-retreat, etc. you are eligible to join


  • verifies each new member's property listing and requires a link to a property’s own website or a listing on a portal (eg: HomeAway, VRBO, FlipKey,,, or any other recognised, consumer-facing OTA).

  • reviews each new listing to assess suitability for our community. We look for quality of presentation, furnishings and also a reasonable standard of photography. We prefer professional photography to show a property in its best light - blurry, dark low-quality images are not acceptable. We may place a listing on hold and contact the owner if we feel a listing needs attention before being made available in the community.

Trust and Safety

  • Trust and safety of the community is paramount (Learn more). Our verification process (Learn more) is central to our Trust and Safety Policy.

Booking Cancellations

  • Our community regards a SwapNight booking as equally important as a paid booking. The community has a fair and firm cancellation policy. Learn more

Who is is a for-profit-with-purpose business that earns income only when a member successfully books a stay through our community platform. That income helps to fund our future community development. is based in Australia with awesome team members in Europe, Asia and the US.

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If you have questions, our community has the answers for you. Click here to visit our Help Centre.

There are several ways you can get help and answers:

1. Access our Hep Centre's 'Help & How To Articles' in a few different ways:

BLUE '(?) HELP' BUTTON - Click the blue [(?) Help] button at bottom left any page on You can type in keywords for your question (eg: 'how to add listing') and get links to help articles matching answers. 

BLUE 'MENU' BUTTON - Click the blue [Menu] button at top of any page on and select 'Help & How To Articles' to get to our Help Centre.

FROM YOUR DASHBOARD - Members can also get assistance when logged in, from their Dashboard. Just click the links under the heading: "We are here to help you"

You'll find the answers to all your questions in the Help Centre - so it is well worth a few moments to browse the articles.

VISIT THE HELP CENTRE TODAY - And to make it really easy for you today, click here to go to the Help Centre right now.

2. If you can't find your answer in our Help Centre, you can message the Support Team.

They are there to help you settle in and get the most from your free membership to You can reach them any time via email at [email protected].

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