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The accommodation is 25 EUR

Breakfast: $5.00 EUR

Snacks: $2.00EUR to $4.00EUR

Lunches:$10.00 EUR

Dinners: $10.00 EUR

Tavern: $1.00 – $3.00 EUR

Laundry: $1.00 – $5.00 EUR

Santa Clara Cuba Bed and breakfast Hostal Vista Park

Hostal Vista Park: the most central colonial hostel in Santa Clara, Cuba.

The house has a wonderful eclectic architecture and colonial floors, with a floor to ceiling height of 6 meters, is similar to a small palace composed of six rooms of 25 square meters and a unique view compared to any other hostel in the city. It is the only colonial hostel in the whole city right in the park Vidal de Santa Clara, where visitors from all places, hotels, hostels and guest houses come to this site given the beauty and history of the adjoining buildings of our hostel.

It is the colonial house that is located in the heart of Santa Clara, with a classic colonial atmosphere, spacious and airy, in very good condition and comfort, to the right of the provincial library "José Martí", and overlooking the Vidal Park, Close to all cultural centers, where you will have access to the extensive cultural life of the city.

The house has a large terrace where you can see the whole panorama of the city, and the oldest clock in the city. All of the city's attractions are within easy reach of our home, banks and ATMs, museums of decorative arts, theater, cinema, nightclubs, all agencies Travel and tourist information are only 100 meters from our house, the mausoleum of Che is 2 kilometers from our house, the armored train at 600 meters.

The house has 3 spacious rooms for rent, 30 square meters each. The first bedroom has a double bed and 3 single beds with a capacity for 5 people. The second bedroom has a double bed and three single beds which can accommodate up to 5 people. The third bedroom has two double beds and a sofa bed. Can be for 5 people for a total of 15 people and 10 beds in 3 bedrooms, you can host groups of friends and families is cheaper than other houses as the rooms are very spacious and can choose instead of two rooms can select one , Whether friends or family, also has the privilege that is in the area of wireless Internet wi-fi and can access it from the balconies or rooms, because it is located in the area of the park Vidal, also the rooms have Air conditioning, refrigerators, televisions, fans and natural ventilation, balconies overlooking the park Vidal, one of the rooms is on the terrace where you can Observe the whole city. Each room has a private bathroom with hot and cold water. In addition to 2 rooms with balcony, where you can observe the daily life of the city, you can also sunbathe on the terrace. We offer breakfast and dinner, in-room bar service, among many others.

Leoncio Vidal # 1 high, between Parque Vidal (Gloria) and Maceo Street, Santa Clara, Cuba, 50100

In the central park of the city of Santa Clara, to the right of the library José Martí

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